Miss Roche before we knew her


Miss Roche was taught by Madame Vacani, who also taught Royalty, and debutantes how to curtsey to Royalty



 Beatrice models for a cigarette card - she was a very early pupil of Miss Roche


Beatrice Appleyard, 1934, photographed by society photographer, Emil Otto Hoppé 



 Beatrice, by Hoppé


 Beatrice introduced British ballet to Turkey and married a famous pianist there, Mithat Fenmen



 As a boarder for many years and a great favourite, Jeanette Grainger was given lots of ballet books - here, the signatures include Miss Roche, Colonel Bowyer and Daphne Hawkesworth





Jeanette, from the personal photo collection of Miss Roche 


Jeanette 1951, during the run of Bless The Bride  at

Stoll Theatre in the West End



"Decima, Jeanette and Helen" painted by William Russell Flint, 1945 


Sylvia Ody - a one-time boarder with Miss Roche, Sylvia went on to run her own ballet school in Australia for 26 years 



Marion Astill, also a boarder, seen here during her cabaret days 


Ann Talbot, voted the most beautiful woman on television, and she was the tallest TV Topper 



Picturegoer  cover, 17 March 1956 


 Ann models the 'Chick's Kiss' hairstyle, Easter 1958





Pauline Fleet (Walmsley) in costume for I Love 'em All'  with Terry Thomas in Happy Holiday Blackpool 1954 





 Toi in Greek costume, during her Roche days



 Toi when a teenager and back in Thailand


Toi more recently 



 Susan Stoddart looks up to her Auntie, Anne Devonshire -

they were the Junior and Senior cup winners, 1956



 Anne Devonshire, The Lepidopterist's Dream



 Susan Stoddart, The Little Nut Tree


 Jim, Dorothy, and Susan White



 Dorothy White, aged 7


 Paula Dunn, actress, dancer and choreographer



 Paula, modelling


 Vivien Squibb as Red Riding Hood  Bury St Edmunds, 1971/72



two portraits of Moira Grassi  





 Moira, dance teacher


Noël Nicol, dance teacher and choreographer, Tasmania 1976 



 Carolyn Lacey


 following her years with the National Ballet of Iran, and the Festival Ballet, Carolyn became an air hostess



Maxine and Michele Gordon  


 Marian Golec



Janet French, Northern Ballet (private collection of Miss Roche) 


Yvonne Plester, Sargent & Plester School of Dancing 



 Annette was taught by our teacher, Miss Mona Clague


 Miss Clague drew her own costume designs



 It's great that Paula kept all these drawings!





Puss in Boots 


 "Will the mothers please be quiet over there, we can't hear ourselves think!"   cried Miss Roche.  Drawn by Libby Evans



Marmaduke's Dream Duchess - Libby Evans


Les Sylphides our Gill is 3rd left, front, Margot Fonteyn, centre  'Gala Ballet Season', Royal Festival Hall, 1978 



 Artist Libby Evans' portrayal of Miss Roche


KJ Chua, Bluebird 



Gillian & KJ, The Bluebird pas de deux