"Ding Dong Bell", 1950s


Ann Talbot, heart-throb


Jeanette Grainger (front), Palace Theatre

On the roof during the run of Gay Rosalinda, 1945

Kingsway, 1960s

Photo taken by ballet teacher, Noel Nicol

The Upper School, Summer 1956 - Miss Roche states names 


Advertisement, local paper


            Karen Dunn is the beauty - who is the beast?




 Elsie Rumble, Sheila Molloy, Toi Thongtaem, 1956


La Roche

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Folkestone Rotary Dance, Easter 1948

Marion Astill extreme left, Miss R 4th on left, the Colonel partly obscured by another boarder, Dinah Peck 


Marion & Dinah


 Kathleen Ritchie, Cliftonville, 1932 - dance unknown - she was Mrs Hepburn to we later girls, a wonderful seamstress


Jenny Hepburn, Kathleen's daughter - Norwegian Bridal Dance, June 1959


 Extreme left back, Una Stubbs; middle back Ethel Rewhorn; teacher Mrs Bacon next to Ann Talbot.  Averie, left front


Carla Rosa Opera production - Ethel, Pauline, Ann T, Isobel Greig

     Toi and Sheila in winter uniform and setting off to school 


Need help here!  Mary C, Lynne H, Sarah C, Moira G - who else?  










The Kingsway garden, Averie (middle), Miss Roche and a friend 


Kingsway 1923 - before Miss Roche! 

Susan Stoddart has a party before leaving for Canada, 1956 



 Una Stubbs at back extreme left, 6th left Ethel Bull, 7th Mrs Bacon, 8th Ann Talbot.  Front left Averie Bowyer


Averie Bowyer  

 1940s at the Royal Windsor Rose Show - Toi in arabesque - Roche girls danced in the Windsor Castle gardens for many years


 1950s Greek, Rose Show

Veronica Anderson, left, visited Susan Stoddart and her Mum during a stopover in Vancouver.  Miss Anderson, who was a pupil before becoming a teacher at La Roche, was extremely popular.


French class in the garden, Summer 1949 

 Colonel Bowyer escorts Averie and Miss Roche to a wedding


1958/59 - a reunion for Anne Baker's 21st birthday: L-R back:

Anne Devonshire, Anne Baker, Sylvia Ody

L-R front: Mervina Ridgway, Jane Leat 

 On holiday, Miss Roche pours tea for Averie





Greek in the Sixties, Rose Show 




December 1970, wording here too 



An extremely talented group! 

Julie-Clare Lawrence 

 Marion Astill, Colonel Bowyer & Jane Leat


Marion, Miss Roche and Jane 

Marion and Jane 


 Kingsway garden - cats were everywhere!

Bridget Anderton in the Kingsway garden 


teacher Veronica Anderson, with tiny tot Jenny Hepburn