Jeanette Grainger, 2nd left  c. 1937

Jeanette, centre front  c. 1937 




Marion Astill, aged 10, 1945 





Jeanette Grainger, Little Bo Peep 







Jeanette, dance title unknown 




Jeanette, The Race Meeting, 1938 


Jeanette and her trophies - this and some of the other photos of her are from the personal collection of Miss Roche 




             c. 1949 


 Teacher Mrs Grant with the girls, Miss Roche in foreground




'Be My Sunday Girl'  Jean Manley & Anne Devonshire


Suchira (Toi) Thongtaem, in Greek costume 




Toi as Madame Butterfly 


Paula Dunn, Egyptian national 




Evening Standard, 29th April 1965

'Paula Wins Again'  aged 15  


Vivien Fuggles 




Paula, 2nd right, and is that one of the Dunlop girls behind her? 





                            Una Stubbs                                                   

Pauline Walmsley, 'A Ballet Class After Degas' 


Patricia Barnes 





 Evening Standard  - year unknown

Trios awaiting results












Ballet line-up, inc. Karen Dunn, Carolyn Lacey & Sandra Knox 




National line-up including Carolyn Lacey & Sandra Knox 


December 1939 wartime notice 




















Pierrot, Pierrette group 


  "I had a little nut tree" Gill Chatt & Vivien Squibb


includes L-R: Janis Hartman, Wendy Hutton, Jeni Grace, Gaynor Denner 


"Harriet and the matches" Jenny Hepburn 




Anne Devonshire 


     Vivien Fuggles, Yugoslavian national 




                 Sylvia Ody c. 1944

                       Sylvia Ody 




Sylvia Ody 


             1st place for Susan Stoddart 




"Thank Heaven for little girls"  Bridget Anderton, Averie Bowyer


the same dance, Denise Waffron, Dorothy White 




"Yankee Doodle Dandy", Carolyn Lacey & Sarah Clifford 


         Paula Dunn & Susan Stoddart duet 




Paula Dunn & Susan Stoddart 


London semi-finals, Sunshine comps., 1971


                 1971 semi-finals 


                          1971 semi-finals 




1971 semi-finals


         participating schools list


Schools list cont'd...

       Susan White, dance title unknown


  "Going to the Races" Jenny Hepburn 


Denise Waffron & Paula Dunn, duet unknown 




          Paula Dunn & Wendy Smith 


                       Paula and Wendy




                Paula & Wendy 


               Julie-Clare Lawrence 




                   England's Best

Dorothy White in "Old Straw Hat" costume 




                      Moira Grassi        





        Susan, Carolyn, Sarah, Paula


                               Karen Dunn, success 




        The Circus

           The Sailor's Return, Liz & Dorothy 




             Dorothy White, national

                               Moira & Carolyn, Circus group







        Liz, left & Denise 2nd right

                               Pauline Fleet 




                    Pauline Fleet


           find Lorna, Denise, Bernice, and Liz 


        A challenge!  I can see Liz, Gillian, Lynn, Denise

    Plink Plank Plonk - Liz & Dorothy 




        Miss Roche and her  'gels'

                               in the garden 



        Catch the Bouquet, Dorothy & Liz


Old Soft Shoe, Dorothy & Liz




      Old Soft Shoe 

  how cute they are:  Sarah, Carolyn, Moira 




        Averie is in the middle


                               Averie on right 



     L-R:  Corrine, Michele, Moira, Martin, Carolyn, ?, ?, Susan







                               what a trio!




                  Hilary and Rebecca                    





                          Gillian - Wishing for the Bluebird of Happiness